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Horse & Pony News can be viewed in a interactive, online format or in a downloadable .pdf format (in two file sizes). Try them both, and enjoy!

Interactive, online format (the version we have provided all along)
  • loads quickly
  • includes built in buttons to zoom and flip pages easily
  • provides the highest quality images
  • Because it runs on Flash, it is not compatible with Apple mobile devices.
  • On smaller mobile screens, the zooming feature is not as useful as you find viewing a .pdf file in a good .pdf reader.
Pdf version
  • downloadable, so you can view it later without needing an internet connection.
  • zooming is more user friendly on mobile devices in a .pdf reader.
  • use the .pdf reader that came with your device, or download another one for free that works even better (try the Kindle app or Evernote app)
  • two versions allow you to choose your preference in the tradeoff between image quality and file size
  • Because the entire issue downloads at one time, it takes a few seconds longer before the first page appears for you to read.

Note: the Kindle app and the Evernote app each include much more functionality than just being .pdf readers. The Kindle app is an e-reader application tied to the Amazon store, while the Evernote app is an electronic note-taking and organization app. Both of them include fantastic .pdf reading tools, and are worth the download for that feature alone. If you are interested in using either of them, please read through the app description and user reviews to make sure the features of the app are acceptable to you before choosing to download it.

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