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Horse & Pony News can be viewed in a interactive, online format or in a downloadable .pdf format (in two file sizes). Try them both, and enjoy!

Interactive, online format (the version we have provided all along)
  • loads quickly
  • includes built in buttons to zoom and flip pages easily
  • provides the highest quality images
  • On smaller mobile screens, the zooming feature is not as useful as you find viewing a .pdf file in a good .pdf reader.
Pdf version
  • downloadable, so you can view it later without needing an internet connection.
  • zooming is more user friendly on mobile devices in a .pdf reader.
  • two versions to choose from: "higher mage quality" and "smaller file size"
  • Because the entire issue downloads at one time, it takes a few seconds longer before the first page appears for you to read.

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